May 6, 2020

What can hotels learn from the four seasons chat

The four seasons chat service is in news a lot lately, and with good reason. Team believes its a progressive, trail blazing move. First things first, its not a bot, It is decidedly a human messaging service operator by Four Seasons staff and available exclusively for Four Seasons guests. What can one glean from that?    1. Its a multi platform service. Guests can engage operators from Four seasons App, SMS, Messenger and WeChat. The real power of Messaging  services is that they converse on buyer bound channels. By giving buyers four different options Four seasons has really lavished their guests with choice. 2. It provides useful information to guests, beyond hotels own services. This is a bold step and bound to excite guests. Hotel is the fulcrum a visitors destination experience. Travellers intuitively trust their hotels to give them them the right guidance. Hence a global hotel brand going en extra mile to ensure their guest get the best out a given destination is super cool