May 6, 2020

Chatbots for Hotel Banquet Hall and Group Booking Enquiries

By now it is well documented why chatbots are better suited to facilitate high involvement decisions and rather than on the fly decisions. Like in any other industry some bookers tend to have a high stakes decision in their hands than others.. bookers who are evaluating banquet halls, group bookings, residential events. An quick aside from our field observation here, among retail bookers we notice those who evaluate leisure stay and resorts tend to have longer sessions in their conversations than business bookers, but thats a topic for another day.

Hotels chatbots should be designed to provide relevant answers for these buyers and not just take their contact details and say some one will revert. Chatbots that dont provide relevant answers or atleast communicate convincingly that it understands the questions will probably loose that buyer for you.

At we realise that it suits us well to handle these bookers with care, after all they have high value bookings to make and converting these buyers helps our chances to provide hand over fist ROI to our hotel clients. Bookbotby answers to groups and banquet enquires are embellished with capacity details, images, price packages and more. We cover more that 40 scenarios that are specific to banquet halls and residential events.

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