May 6, 2020

Chatbots are the ultimate rate opacity tools

Opaque deals are a great tactical tools. Hotel brand websites and OTAs have used it with considerable success ( in fancy names, might one add, secret deals, signup deals, hidden rates etc). One is sure opaque deals would have been employed much before online merchandising became a norm, hotels reducing rates in certain well contained channels, while maintaining their rack rates and  premium branding with the larger audience.  But in the online merchandising world, it adds one more added value, the ability to re-market to the guests, should they fail to book in the first instance. Hotel Chatbots make great opacity tools. At bookbotby, client hotels have an option to nudge users to signup just before revealing rates. This becomes even more smoother in WhatsApp scenario,  when users opt to transfer their sessions to Whatsapp, they also reveal their number. This allows us to connect with them ( with their express permission ofcourse at the time of sign up) and give special deals at a personal level. The personalised attention in itself is a great incentive for guests to complete their transactions, even more so if Hotel marketers effectively use this opportunity to give unique packages ( not necessarily just lower rates ) to give guests an extra reason to book. For more information on how opaque deals may fit your brand, connect us @ +919513941333