May 6, 2020

Chatbots are an extension of your hotel reservation center

At the dawn of the internet merchandising era one wondered if central reservation desks have become redundant. It sure looked so with more and more bookers moving their evaluations online. Except one realises bookers have proved us utterly wrong. The need for personalised connect is tangible among bookers of all age groups. Reservation desks are relevant in present day as they were in ‘east-man color’ era. So how will chatbots affect the reservation desks? will it finally toll its knell ? . Absolutely not. On analysing the thousands of anonymous conversation logs of bookbotby, we realise chatbots, albeit automated, are seen as an extension of reservation desk by guests. Hotel websites have more customer connects than all other media put together, and some. Chatbots hence are the reservation desks eyes and ears embedded on hotel websites, servicing information requests and enabling smooth handover from automated service to personalised human service based on guest requests. For more information on how to enhance the effectiveness of your reservation desks connect us @ +919513941333